what color armor

what color armor should i paint

  • white/weathering

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  • black

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  • red

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  • blue

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  • traditional green

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  • orange

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what colors that i have as a poll option can i weather and it look good because i can weather stuff extremely good
darker colors would look best when weathered: green, blue, red...but tan would also look great weathered.

2tone color=multiplayer

blue with yellow
WanderingRon1n said:
i think i might make mine black and white.

I was going to do white but it would look too stormtrooperesque for me. tan is the lightest id go.
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Maybe go with the new tanish look master chief has going on in halo 3. i think that is what i might do. it will be sweet!

i painted a helmet like that and the guys son droped it, hes asking for help to fix it and i told him to send it back so i can repair it for him but no respones
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