What color of paint?

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im using Krylon camoflouge Khaki spray paint. Its tan, you can find it at walmart. Its perfect for me, it looks like the color from the announcement trailer. But go for somthing sandy-tan-greenish.
Has anyone ever researched the kind of paint that has different colors depending on the angle it's looked at and the lighting it's in?
You can buy it for cars, but it's kind of expensive...

If you remember in Halo 1, the Chief's armor seemed to have this effect. The actual color of the armor would vary from a darkish green, a lighter green, and a gold and silver tint.

You can kind of see it here:

This is one of the reasons why I never cared so much for the color of the Mk. VI because it never attained this effect. It always seems to just be more of a dull green...
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