What did you get for Christmas?

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A pink camera...Yes...Pink.......... For progress pictures! Woohoo! It was a bit unexpected I must say. :D


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Crossfire said:
Rock band, ripstick,madden 08 for psp, and still need to go to aunts and grandparents house

im going to my aunts house in a couple hours but i usually get 100 bucks from there
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A small Lego set, some candy, a 3d scorpion figure puzzle thing, a chocolate snowman, a book, a pad of post-it notes, and 4 mini sharpies. That was the stocking, I'll post the rest after lunch when we open real presents.


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So far...

Electric Guitar + Amp(beginner so nothing fancy)
100 dollar gift card(looks like a visa card lol)
Golf balls+ gloves and other golf stuff
Lifesavers(Huge 6 pound bag)

Most of the main things.


Guitar Hero 3 with guitar =]
electronic stuff
Money =]
Army gear for airsoft
the best film ever Black Hawk Down on DVD
lots and lots of Chocolate

Merry Christmas all, my spirit goes out to the less fortunate and everyone else. ;)
i got ipod touch sweatshirt from pacsun and a heated blanket cause my room is the coldest in the house and a dvd player i have yet to go to my grandparents but they will probably give me a puzzle and 20 bucks


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-Halo 3 wireless 360 mic
-25$ BestBuy giftcard
-Clothes :cautious: (Clothes don't qualify as gifts :p)

Feel lucky.



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Doom said:
-Clothes :cautious: (Clothes don't qualify as gifts :p)


So i asked for one thing ... an Xbox360

And all i got was

Clothes ....

oh and a Transformers DVD

worst xmas yet ....
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-An awesome 30 Seconds to Mars sweatshirt
-Scene it for 360
-Jeans from PacSun
-$50 gift card to PacSun
-Gift card to Target
-Gift card to GameStop/Best Buy

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!!


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Leadingspartan said:
-500 dollars
-Xbox Elite
- 4 Halo controlls
-Halo Plasma Pistol
- Legendary Edition (I thought they were limited)

Yeah, can I borrow that $500? I'll repay you in 2094, thanks. :p

Anyway, I got an electric drum set, lolly-pop with a scorpion in it (yes, it's a real one), chocolate rocks, and prickly pear cactus candy. Oh, I also got a new headset for my computer. It's got a mic! :D
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What I got for Christmas:

Windows Vista Home Premium
12+1 Month Xbox Live Gold
1600 Microsoft Points
Rock Band
Call of Duty 4
Assassain's Creed
DDR: Universe 2
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Guitar Tuner
Nifty Halo 3 hat
Neat Steel Halo 3 pins
Candy :D (Stocking Stuffers)


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Masterpiece Starscream (hasbro edition)
Leader Class Brawl
Voyager G1 Repaint Ratchet
(all 3 of them are transformers if you couldn't guess :p )
Xbox Live MSN Messenger Keypad (Good for messages in general)
Xbox Live Vision camera (with 1 month XBL and Uno..Now I can play untill August 28th 2008 :D )
Call of Doody..I mean Duty 4. :D
A harmonica.
A bank.
And the Futurama Movie on DVD.

The Mastah

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I got some candy and chocolate and stuff, $30 from grandparents, $50 from parents, some Monster, a couple movies, and some other stuff :)


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I think it's official... we've got some spoiled kids on these boards :D

I'd have been happy with $30 worth of gifts :)
Saving Private Ryan, Batman Returns, some monster, $80, some popcorn and root beer to go with the movies, hod cider mix, Jones soda company carbonated candy, a pack of gum, and some other assorted candy. And the stuff in my previous post.

No Halo stuff, though that $80 will at least partly go to propmaking.

And I agree with every word Adam said. Yes, that includes the $30 part.
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