What difficulty

What difficulty will you play halo 3 on?

  • Easy:for intellegent people

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  • Medium:for relaxing players

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  • Hard:not for the faint of heart

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  • Lengendary:The ultimate challenge

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Easy. No sense in spending hours on the first mission first time ever playing the game.

Later on I will playe legendary.

i would probably start on heroic then if it got to hard move to normal and maby even try easy :eek
(edit:aww forget it ill just play on easy or normal like a noob :$ops: )
Fitz will be playing Legendary with me. :evil:
He's not gonna start until I get my game.
(You know it won't ship to Singapore till 5 days after it comes out? *curses*)
Normal, I'm not gonna loose my paitience with a sneaky jackal.
(they always get a headshot, and can never be found.)
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