what do i use for the visor?


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yeah so what would i use for my visor i want it orange or dark blue i'm making the halo 4 recruite helmet


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if your visor isn't vacuum formed then you can get a clear face shield and use the Visor film offered by Icon Props on Etsy. If you have a vacuum formed visor then it can be dyed. I would google that process. There are a few videos out there about how to make that happen. Good Luck and share your photos here on the forum!


I made my visor from motorcycle helmet visors I bought from the Yamaha dealer. I cut them out from a templet I found when I downloaded my pepakura files. I hope this helps.


If you have experience with window tint, that's the route I would go.
I've had good success using lightly tinted plastic for the visor, then putting window tint on the back side.

It's certainly not easy though