What do you want?

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well now that thanksgiving has come and gone and the holiday rush has begun i was wondering...
what does everyone want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/whatever?

There aren't many things i want this year, but there's a few pretty expensive ones (and by expensive I mean anything $50+ lol), and i know i won't be able to get 'em all (I'll probly get about $300 worth of stuff from my immediate family and a few smaller things from my relatives), but i can always dream

- a good digital camera (i never have any recent pictures of me or anything else for that matter)

- Guitar Hero III (y)

- Dance Dance Revolution!

- the new Demon Hunter CD (and the other two I don't have)

- a bunch of different band shirts (most of my shirts now are video-game based, makes me look kind of nerdy not that that's a bad thing...) few of the artists: Demon Hunter, Three Days Grace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus :p , Lacuna Coil, Mudvayne, 30 Seconds to Mars (please tell me if you know where i can get this shirt cheaper!), Demon Hunter again, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus again, maybe a few others...

- moneymoneymoney/gift cards of course :rolleyes

- a Game Boy/Nintendo DS, PS2/Gamecube; the handheld for travel/portability and the relatively cheap last-gen console just for shits and giggles :lol: and in case my 360 breaks again :devil: . also, the ps2 has some damn good and (now) real cheap games i'd like to play (Ratchet and Clank ftw, God of War, Xenosaga, etc.)

- a new controller; i of course have 4 but one doesn't take battery packs and has a broken left bumper (get stuck n00b! wait, wtf? a frag? *you commited suicide*) i've had some sad times with that controller...

- any good games/360 stuff/CDs and movies

i also want a car, computer, 72" plasma, and, of course, a pony ;) lol, but all that's pretty much out of the question. i'd appreciate any kind donations any of you could make to the cause lol ;)
and, so, what do you all want for christmas?

on a side note, w00t! 117th post!
i'm feeling lucky...
An Assualt rifle

New skateboard.

Steak on christmas

$$$$$!!!(to use on armor)

A video cam. (to record my skateboarding)

PS Get a H3 limited controller. There siick.
Uhh, stuff? Yeah, thats what I'd like, Stuff! And by stuff, I mean whatever I get. Which probably won't be much. Meh.
ecose said:
well, :whistle:

mom to stop being a total beotch

money :D

games :D

xbl :D

lol same here (esp. that first one )
'cept for the xbl my subscription's renewed monthly on my dad's credit card
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Ironcobra3000 said:
I only want:
-WoW + 2 month card
-Call of Duty 4
-Assassin's creed
-And... this is the one thing I truly want above all others.
Nice blade :) that's not a true Katana point but it's still a nice piece
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i want money for supplies to upgrade my armor and make some new ones.

guitar hero 3


metroid prime 3

and maybe a few halo figurines.
I'd like a Guitar Hero II bundle for the PS2 (I heard three wasn't as good and I like its' songlist better than one) and/or a NDS Lite, crimson, with R4 for... backing up my games.

But considering that the only ones who'd know I wanted this stuff is my friends and siblings are about as poor as I am and that I have a low price range set with my parents for our gift exchange, so I don't play my vidya gaems wallowing in guilt, that's probably not going to happen.

I'll be happy if I get some nice chocolates or a nice coffee grinder. I'm one of those people for whom the best gift is food :lol: I'm surprised I'm not fat.

They should have gift cards for college/university bookstores. That would make xmas shopping so much easier.
My arbiter suit finished, lawlz.

I want some Halo armor actually.
Might buy myself a little gift. teehee.

I want a successful move. (i'm moving back to the states this winter)

A new fun boyfriend to cuddle with in the cold winter season.

After that, I'm good.
Well, im still thinking about all this,but:
Battlefield 2 Modern Combat for ps2 (or at least a decent FPS for ps2)
Guitar Hero I,II, or III bundle for ps2
Legos (yes i still play with legos, but I build rifles and such)- www.mocpages.com has some good examples, especially the rifles of Lawrence Fetter
Cardstock (maybe)
Pencil lead (been usin a lot lately)
patience and precision for pepakura =P
Thats about all i can think of right now. Ill prolly be back with more but thats it for now. - Ice
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