What does it mean to be a gamer?

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I just spent an hour and a half talking to someone I've never had the pleasure of shaking hands with.

I don't regret a second of it.

A handful of years ago I started playing Elite Dangerous on PC. Flying through asteroid belts and around space stations spurred my inner child to purchase this game. As it stands I have 1101.9 hours playing said game. I spent over 45 days of my life playing that game. I met some of the worst and best people in my life flying through uncharted space. I spent time helping repair stations. I spent my time killing players for the loot they had in their cargo hold.

The last time I booted up Elite was back in 2018. If I did the math right, that game cost me roughly $0.05 per hour to play. If I add the extra hour and a half I spent today talking with my old clan today it would still be a nickel.

I tend to keep phone numbers in case we lose connection online. I can call people and let them know I'm broken for the evening. They can call me and have the same conversation. If we haven't played in 3 years we forget these people exist.

On a whim I called up a good buddy of mine and he immediately put me into a conference call with another clan mate. We spent an hour and a half chatting it up like we did back in the day. We asked about mental health, jobs, and just life in general. The clan died long ago but the friends never left.

I accidentally made a point early in the conversation.

Gamers always check on lives.

This resonated with the other members of the conversation. We may not play the same games but it doesn't mean we stopped caring. I have had a more profound impact in my life with people I have never met than the majority of people that I work with.

There's no shame in being a gamer. Wear that badge with pride.
Played some Space Engineers scenario's with a friend of mine. The most random and funny things happened during those playthroughs.
Another time three of us played a new game i hadn't tried out. ended up locking someone out because i welded a door shut and didn't know how to open it.

Some of the most hilarious moments came from playing games together.
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