What games are you excited for this season?

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So what else are you looking to get this holiday season?

I'm personally REALLY excited for CoD4, and I'd hate to say it... I think the multiplayer is better than H3. The customisation of your weapons and the Perks system really adds a great bit of flare unseen in FPS's.
Other than that im looking foward to, Mass Effect, Assasins Creed, Army of Two(even though its delayed until next year now), and the new Smackdown game looks like it might be worth a try.

So whats eveyone else excited for? :D
Yea Halo was over Hyped. It wasn't all that good it got better but i kinda got bored of it. heres a list.

Grand Theft Auto 5
The Simpsons:The Game
Halo Wars
Call of Duty 4
and lots of others i cant remember.
Dead Space. It looks freakin' awesome!
Call of Duty 4. Yay Russia! (There's a customization aspect in CoD4 multiplayer?)
Halo Wars. I like RTS, I like Halo, I like Halo RTS!
Tomb Raider Anniversary Wii Edition
Mario galaxy

Dunno if these nest few count as "this" season
Devil May Cry 4
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
MGS4: Guns of the Patriots
Mass Effect, Fallout 3, and Halo Wars are all definite on my list, but the game I'm most excited for is, without a doubt, The Force Unleashed. :lol:
force unleashed looks sweet, and cod4 is gonna be a must have for fps, but everyone needs to get army of 2 and assassins creed. without a doubt they looks the best. + mass effect
COD 4 for sure. Read the Official X box magazine review. 10 out of 10 just for the single player campaign. Multiplayer is a bonus. The only let down is no co-op.
The beta was really good so I cant imagine how good the final product will be.
Tuesday cant come fast enough.

The TimeShift demo was good.
UT3 should be good also.
I'm a megaman addict so I play them all, waiting for starforce 2 to come out, command and conquer 3 kane's wrath expansion pack, waiting for cod 4, and thats about it.
Id also say MGS4 as well (thanks for reminding me skullcandy) but i dont have a ps3 :(
I PRAYING that there arent enough sales of it in the US, due to the low instaled user base, and they port it to the 360.
I want the following in the order given(from highest want value to the lowest, from top to bottom):

mass effect
assassin's creed
Fallout 3
Halo wars

Edit: I hope that Bethesda makes another Elder Scrolls that involves all of Tamriel :D
Michael Jackson's Moon Walker LOL


StarCraft 2
Dead or Alive 5
Soul Calibur 4
Street Fighter 4
Socom 4
Halo Wars
and the next portable handheld from Microsoft, w00t!
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