what is the safest way to glass

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get a toxic fumes mask(40$) wear gloves and eye protection. do it outdoors in a open space. i glass in my garage
Fiber glass particles in the air... the filters have to be able to filter very fine particles (e.g) fiberglass
lol, you might have a problem talking too if you eat resin. I feel sick every time i use that stuff. Always were gloves tho, that stuff gets everywhere. Once i was resining my helmet, then ten minutes later i was at my desk and i felt a burning sensation on my chest. Dont know how it got there but it was resin.
I borrowed a respirator from a friend, cause personally I don't want to smell those fumes. O and eye protection and gloves are musts.
when using the fiberglass cloth or mat. try not to let it touch your skin, my dad touched some when he wwas a kid and it itched like crazy for a couple days
when you snad it wear long slevees and if you do itch the next time you shower take one of those nail brushes and brush the area that is itching
Mac, those look ok, but when you go into Ace or HD, tell a clerk (if you can find one LOL) that you specifically need one to filter out the toxins emitted by fiberglass.

Also, depending on what you are doing and how big of a project it is, you dont need to use fiberglass resin with fiberglass mat or shredded glass. You can use non or less toxic epoxy. I am not referring to 5 or 10 minute wal-mart in the tube epoxy. I am referring to:


You can find that at any pro-grade hobby store such as hobbytown, etc. When the epoxy or fg resin weeps into the mesh, they both accomplish the same thing. Epoxy forms a mechanical bond and fiberglass resin sometimes forms a mechanical bond and sometimes a chemical bond. Mechanical meaning it "grips" the substrate, chemcial meaning it fuses the two together.

My own personal rule of thumb is if its bigger than 2 square feet that I am covering, I use fiberglass resin, smaller, epoxy. That will save your lungs.

Yes, long sleeves. Yes, open areas. Yes please, preparation is the key to glass. Clean surface, have your glass mat cut or your shredded glass in a cup or two, wear gloves. Put a film of vaseline on any exposed skin that will be working near the fiberglass, say bicep or neck...

I have glassed for a while now. Prep yourself with a dry walkthrough as far as having your materials ready, think it through (measure twice, cut once LOL) and then go at it.

Sorry for the novel, just wanted to help.
How about $16?


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