what is the time??

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okay, what is the time zone that this site is at? i live in manitoba ( for you americans thats in canada, and NO we do not live in igloo's and get around with dog sleds. ) any ways, right now when i am posting this its 2:36 pm where i live and the site says its 8:43. it's just been bugging me for a while.
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It says u posted at 3:43 PM..Hmm.
no i mean like what is the time zone. i just get bugged bythe littlest stupidest things. sigh, never mind
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2.4 seconds in Google: "UTC-6"

I'm not saying we're not a smart bunch of people around here, but sometimes, the rest of the internet can help you faster than we can...
its because your settings have it set to GMT. go to "my controls" and down at the bottom left is a link to "board settings". click that, and change to your time zone.
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