What is the Title going to be called?

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depends on what the story will be, but ... just not "halo: the movie"

Make it a title that stands on its own. just like "ghosts of onyx: halo"


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Personally i wouldn't mind it being called Halo (just not the the movie part)
I mean, the only game that had a subtitle was Combat Evolved. I guess it depends on which books/games this movie will be based on (if any) and also if they play on making more than one movie.

The Ring is already taken :ha:


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Mustang68 said:
Why not "SPARTAN 117"? In cool font and kickass bump-mapping on the 3D text? Oooooooo....awwwwwwe...... :shock:

Your right. Clean simple. plus all the diehards would recognize it immediatly. All the posers would be like WTF! LOL
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mines still the best but i gotta say thats a good one. but i hope its not just about MC even though i would go gay for him(hahaha)


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yeah thats cool, but I don't even know if it's going to be all about him, what about half-jaw and jhonson? they said they would get into their stories
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