What kind of pets do you have?

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i have 2 pugs,3 chihuahuas, a pitbull/bordercolli mix, and another mixed breed dog. that totals up to seven dogs. i also have 2 parrots, a cat, and a fishtank with 8 fish in it. my friends say i have too many pets but i disagree. i was wondering what kind of pets other people in the 405th community have? post pics of your pets here for everyone to see.:D

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if i had enough land i would have a horse. one of my favorite thing to do is ride my uncle's horses. here is my pug and the mixed breed



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We have a ferret, but hopefully, come Tuesday, our only pet will be the red-white tabby, Ike. The little weasel's been sick for a year now, and I think we've finally got dad convinced to do what's best for it.


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Bichon, Maltese, Poodle mix. Very nice little guy.

No cats, i will never have a cat and i still hate them, Hate... Them... its a long story but i would move out if we got one.


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9' Foot Boa


German Shepard/ Lab Mix

Alligator Snapping Turtle Can't get any good ones of him, To fiesty to remove from water.
Painted Snapping Turtle same as above.
2 Ferrets
Juat have one of Darcy, She snuck up on my back while I was taking build pics.

1 Idiotic Cat which of course I loath! None required
1 Bearded Dragon. She's much bigger now, around 25 inches, she's a couch potato.

They're all my monsters and once we have a bigger place the wife will let me get a Hognose snake.


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Family History(After my parents got married):
Around 40 cats(most ran away and we gave some away and yesh I very much love cats), now I have a Black Bengal :)
2 Ferrets(Unexpectedly died at the same time :'()
An Iguana(Died during Swine Flue Season)
A Guinea Pig(Actually 7 but some died of being sick, one of em was murdered...F*** THAT 8 YEAR OLD CHILD STEPPED ON MY GUINEA PIG!!! and one Ran away....I have no idea how :L)
3 Snake-Heads(Still Alive)
Fish!! A Scavenger, A Bubble-Eyed Goldfish, few Guppies

And my father plans on getting a Ball Python, problem is my mom is scared :L



You, Sir, are amazing.

Our family is primarily cats. We normally have 2 - 3 at any one time. I tried hermit crabs, but the climate isn't right where I live, and they either died or killed each other.

I'd love to have a bird, or a snake, or a lizard. Maybe even a Scorpion :D


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ah snakes i hate the things no offence to all the snake lovers but i live in australia and their a pain to put up with, hmm sort of pointless of posting on here my favorite pets are dead now :( but i loved my cat and dog :)


Well as a child we always had varying cats & dogs, rabbits etc
Since leaving the nest (30 years ago!), I have had (over the years) diamond doves, rosella parakeets, adopted a mongrel, adopted a cat, rescued a bull mastiff, 3 garter snakes, 1 cornsnake, 1 milksnake, rescued a rainbow boa, 2 west highland white terriers, tropical fish, koi carp, goldfish, more rabbits, guinea pigs and a leopard gecko.
If they were all here now, I could open a petting zoo!

Right now we have 5 rabbits, goldfish in a pond, 1 west highland white terrier and the leopard gecko.


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I am pretty lucky to have the greatest dog in the world... my Boston Terrier - Rocky!


Our family also helps rescue Boston Terriers.... they really are amazingly fun dogs....



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The newest addition to my family. My basset hound puppy, Bruce :)




We've only had him for 3 weeks and he is a blast, and one of the most spoiled puppies ever....
I have 2 bearded dragons
This one is Godzilla

And Kaki (the one on the left)

In August for Spartan-005 and I's 4 year wedding anniversary he's getting a hognose snake (in return I get the complete saga of star wars on blu-ray and GOW 3 Epic Edition). And in 3 years when he's out of the military I get my black throat monitor (saw one yesterday at this pet place we are obsessed with and the guy said they are like puppy dogs)


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Update: The ferret finally passed on this morning. My youngest sister's takin' it pretty hard. I really wish dad had the humanity to have her put down a long time ago. (The ferret, of course. I mean, maybe the youngest, but... :p)

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wow, i didn't know there were so many reptile lovers here on the 405th!!! i actually have plans to buy a friend's bearded dragon because he is moving in the next few months and his parents didn't want him to get it in the first place. oh, i forgot to mention my sister just got a tarantula, and i hate spiders, especially giant ones.


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I have A golden retriever (10 years old) , a Black lab (6 years old) , and 2 cats (8 and 5 years old) . I love my animals!
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