What material do you hate working with the most?

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Superglue is very convenient but I hate how messy it can be, same with contact cement. It is a nightmare to het off of your fingers, but I despise hot glue...

(Thread not limited to adhesives)
Clear Worbla.

That stuff just straight up does not do what it's supposed to do. It does not easily self adhere. It does not retain it's form. It does not hold dye well. Most glues cloud it. When formed it distorts and clouds leaving a beer goggles effect. It isn't even cheap. The only benefit it has is that it only really requires a heat gun to work with but for the difference in cost between a 3'x4' sheet of clear worbla (~$90) and a sheet of 1/32" PETG of the same size (~$12) you can build a vacuum former and get a much nicer finished product.
Whenever I work with aluminum flashing (0.0092 gague) I'm intimidated by it, but whenever I actually start cutting/folding turns out it isn't so bad. It's satisfying to rip the metal along the score lines, but ya gotta wear thick gloves or you might drill a hole through your finger when making rivet holes. I have a few pairs of ragged-looking gloves kicking about.
For me it is worbla all together. I just don't like this material at all as am not artsy enough to manage it xD

Hot glue and superglue are neither friend nor foe.. I just use it them for quick fixes of necessary.

And as I also do sewing, I don't like satin at all. It's just to slippery for my taste xD
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