what my bro made


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Looks good, but it being a solid flat silver, it probably cannot be seen out of, problem still isnt solved.


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hey thanks bro
yeah thats true about the visor thats just paint for now thats 2 days of work I aldready know what to do for the visor but won't be able to finish till april cause going
out of town for a couple months but be sure it will be done. just need more ref. pics to get full detail thats just from what could be seen from some pics .
if any one has any pics post them please. thanks



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The indented areas of the visor could be cut out with a dremel, then placed with real pieces of a silver visor, such as it being cut to fit into those slots, then you could partially see on the sides and the front.


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dont really no wear that hexagon sits in relation to the eyes but that could be a possibility, or even that line i dont know how thick it is either but that one could be a possibility and just use a silver tinted visor o_O?


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hey guys thanks for your coments i'm going to make a mold of the helm. then make the visor from the mold its self
but I will make copies of the helm , I didn't make it perfect ,I left some dents and pits in the bondo to make them look like
battle damage ,and the back is not fully round I left it squareish but not so much cause I like the way it looksgives it a unique look .

Post up what I could do to improve the helm.
thanks ,javi


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SGT Razor

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This is probably the most finished EVA helmet I've seen so far. Nice work!

Crap, you noobs put me to shame...
Very nice... Now take that finished one, build you a vac form table and some clear form sheet and use it to make a clear visor. Add some chrome auto tint and it's perfect for yer suit.


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Looks great so far. :) you probably already know but, the back part could use more smoothing, still looks a bit too "polygonal" once you've got the curve down, straightened the lines and hardened some edges it will be awesome.