What Pepakura Assembling Method Do You Use?

What Pepakura Assembling Method Do You Use?

  • Cut glue cut glue cut glue

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Jr Member
Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum, I'm a prop maker from London.
I've mainly been focusing on weapon props from anime and games, but now feel like moving more into wearable armor.
I've got a DeviantArt page showing off my current works.

Anywho, I've put together a Iron Man helm from a Pepakura model I found on these forums. Although I did not scale it and so it is the wrong size, but at least it gave me some experience doing it.

I'm about to do it again but this time scaled correctly and was wondering what method do you guys use for assembling a Pepakura model?
Do you cut glue cut glue ....
Cut all, glue all.

Also if anyone has any tips for assembling, like you should assemble bottom to top, top to bottom, front to back etc.


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I haven't started glueing yet, but I cut out all the pieces as it seems a lot more logical to do it that way once you've opened up an hd model.


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I usually cut out a number of pieces from a certain area, for instance one of the shoulders on MC's torso, then glue those up and repeat. I also usually like to work from the smaller or closed areas to larger, more open areas. So for a helmet, I would start at the top of the dome and work my way to the opening. I feel like that way I have more room to work once things start getting crowded.


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I use the cut, glue, cut, glue, method. I strongly recommend using the pep viewer as a reference image as you are going. I actually use so that I start, say at the top of the helmet, and work my way down, piece by piece. I have found that it ensures that it will stay much more aligned, within about 1/16" distortion, pretty much unnoticeable. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. We're all here to help. :D
I would recommend doing cut cut glue glue, I personally like it better if you do it with the motto: First work, then fun. (assuming you count glueing as fun). it's so frustrating if you glue, fun, and make food glues, but run out of parts and have to cut out some more :mad:


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I typically do a rough cut of all the pieces with scissors, then do the detail cuts on all the pieces, then score/line all the pieces, then fold all the pieces, and then finally glue all the pieces.
I highly recommend the "cut glue cut glue" method, looking at it from a strategic view. It makes the whole process a lot easier if you look at the file on pep designer (or viewer) and see what page contains the next piece you need. If you cut all the pieces out then you have to sort through a whole bunch of little pieces of paper to find it.


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I always use the cut, glue, cut, glue method as it makes it easier to keep track of the pieces (especially if I've got pep viewer open) I also find it breaks up the job and takes the tedium out of doing a load of cutting and glueing

City Static

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I cut all, the glue all. I find it to be much quicker, and less of a hassle. This way I can just keep gluing without stopping, and admire the model as it's beginning completion.
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I print, score and cut
Sort pieces into sections using the pep designer/viewer and numbers (place into baggies)
Fold and test fit the pieces to check if the fold are correct (not reversed)
Glue the pieces to make the section

As a newbie, my first attempt (MKIV) was to cut all and glue all (eager to build)
I made folding errors and the size was too big so I am starting over using the above process

Sir Gibbsalot

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i cut and glue as i go along. i find it is easier to find what you need on a single page and you don't loose any small peices as you go along :p

Kaya Tetsu

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Print them, Score them, Figure out which piece is the top, cut a few, glue a few, cut a few, glue a few. Go from top to bottom, working your way around, layer by layer. This way your not reaching, say through a helmet to hold the last piece in place. Just how I do it. I use hotglue.


I print Cut lay them out according to where they go fold each piece and then glue. makes assembly time go much quicker with pressure sensitive glue.

box o crayons

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havnt seen you in a while vamprydeh but on topic. if the helmet has a good parts arrangment, like where the pieces that glue togethor are on the same page then i will cut glue but if the parts layout isnt there i just cut them all and glue em


I usually do cut glue cut glue... I'll cut all of them in the beginning if its really small like a bicep, or something I know I'm gonna finish in one day. If I cut up a helmet I'm not going to finish it all and some of the pieces could get lost. That's just me though.


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Wow this votes tight, 17 a piece at the moment.

I'm gonna do a batch process of cutting and gluing I think, best of both worlds :D


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My brother and I just cut out all the pieces first.

For me: Score all of them, then put together.

For my brother: Score, put together, score some more, put together some more.

I'm not really sure if there is any advantage in any kind of method, just as long as you don't try to rush it.


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I've just started and i'm stickin with the cut all and glue all. My first time making a pepakura and it's going well ;)


(I'm making halo 2 ODST helmet)


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I'm UNfortunate enough to have a battery pack powered glue gun. I used to do the cut all, glue glue glue glue method, but now I've decided to work at an area at a time. I'm currently cutting and gluing the back piece to my HiRes MK VI armor. I have all of the plates in hte midddle done, and am getting ready to move to the shoulders. :lol