What should i use for a halo 4/5 mc undersuit


So i have a Halo 4/5 MC armor being made and was wondering what i should use as a under suit. I see people make some or use morphsuit.


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Hey there. I've noticed you're posting a lot of questions recently, but it may be worth keeping these questions in one thread so that people can more easily keep track of you and give you the answers you need.

Personally, I would use a morph suit as your base, and add your detailing on top of that using home-sewn panels of either pleather or some other leather-like fabric. You could also paint your detailing on, as CommanderPalmer has.
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I personally prefer morphsuit but also many people use sportswear.
I recommend reading through forum, especially the Soft Parts section (which as it sounds, is all about the fabrics, clothing and soft parts of the costume) or even using Google or YouTube for more.


BMP props has a kit but it is pretty pricey and are silicon I also know that steveeeemega from evrest props makes a fabric one that is complet