What should i use to cut cardboard?

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I'm not beind rude. What do you cut cardboard boxes with. Both words are in the answer "Box Cutters" I can say whatever i waant. And i didn't say something like "Box CUTTERS DUMASS" Calm down a little. We're cool
i agree with andrew, there is no fault here.

Back on topic:

btw i think that scissors and box cutters work well.

How are you using the cardboard? reinforcement or making your armor out of nothing but cardboard
Whether for reinforcement or the armour id say box cutter would be best. It easily cuts boxes, it is what they made it for. If anyone has ever cut something like vegetables you know the sharper the object the easier it cuts and therefor the more precise you will be. So buy a new and sharp box cutter. An X-acto knife would probably work but you risk messing the cardboard up since you don't have quite as much control over it as you do a box cutter.
I use a utility knife with the snap off blade for doin all my cardboard cutting. (ie type of box cutter :p)

if you're gonna go with a box cutter, get somethin with a nice rubber grip. it'll be much nicer on your hands over time
utility knife/razor knife/box cutter is teh sameness.

retractable kinfe with removeable triangular shaped blades. i recommend Stanley 1991 regular duty blades or regular Husky replacements.

you can get a pretty nice folding cutter at Home Depot for like 15 bucks at most. i use a Husky brand knife .
Any of these products would work fine for your endever sir


but this may prove the best

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