What type of Bondo filler?

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Tiel terall

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Im going out to buy some today, but I am unsure of what to look for. I actually have soem in my garage, its called Bondo Sun Activated Body filler. Will it work, or do I need something else?
I think that the bondo you have is for more of fine detailing. It will work for those little areas where your fibreglass didn't cover or those areas where there is a small hole.

If you want to start off with what I did, I used something called a bondo fiberglass repair kit. It comes with resin, hardener, fiberglass mat, instructions, and a scraping tool. It helped me out a lot. If you look for that kit and can't find it, just ask the people at your friendly local hardware store for fiberglass resin and they should help you out.
Why you want Bondo? For details?

Try Apoxie-Sculpt. It's a two part clay, which gets as hard as a rock after 24H.

'cause Bondo will rather erase the details of your parts.
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