What Video Game Character do YOU look like/will look like


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Hey guys I was thinking about starting up this thread for about 8 hours... lol....

I will state the rules...

1. you must give a character name, what video game (s)he is from, video game release date, if you can the developer for fun, and a side by side picture of you and the character.

2. The character must show a few resemblances at least, like mine isnt perfect but it is VERY close and probably what I will look like in the future.

3. No saying "LOL u luk nothing like tht guy/gurl!" no saying that because it is both HORRIBLE grammar but also rude, now regular comments like "wow you really do look like him/her" are very welcome, but dont think you can use this to boost your post count... that is just mean.

4. HAVE FUN!!!! No one will insult you for what you may or may not look like, we are a happy community!

Now onto mine, this game came out very recently and I was sitting in my room watching video's about it (cuz my dad was on the xbox) and I was like "... WOW I look a lot like that guy" and that guy is.....

From: Dead Space 2 (never saw face in DS1)
Release date: 25 January 2011
Developer: Visceral Games


Hugh Holder

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I want to post one, but it doesn't look like me... :/
But I think personality-wise both the character and myself are the same.

Oh well, sucks being 135% Anglo-Saxon.
i haven't come across anyone in a video game that i look like, but according to my ex girlfriend and a few other people i know have told me i look like joseph gordon-levitt.

Spartan 037

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sadly, being a ginger has it's downfall when it comes to a video game look alike :( however i have the goldish eyes like Desmond/Altiar/Ezio from Assassin's Creed :D
My friends let me I look exactly like the character from Assassin's Creed 1. I don't know his name, I've never played the game, and I'm not showing my face to prove it!


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I have been told that I look like Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed. I mean hey, I've even got the scar on my cheek! :)


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Well it's not really a game character but people say I look like the silver power ranger Zhane. From Power rangers in space.
But with less fluffy hair

And yes, i always grind my teeth like that >.< muhahaha


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I kind of look like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.

This was me 5 years ago:

The only thing photoshoped was the background.

Seth Knight

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Old thread i know, but instead of starting another just for fun thread my defribs are getting some more use. Though I don't ever wear my hair down and a shave, I think in the future I might do this for a cosplay in the future.


Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 4):


I have no resemblance but I'm all Assassin lol.

I am trying to grow my hair to look like Farrah Fawcett's mullet! :D