What will you be wearing in Reach?

L05T V1K1N6

I'm going to try to make my armor look as close to the oiriginal Mk V as possible, and I'm so glad you can finally have actual Spartan green =D
I'll be wearing the MK. V or VI Helmets (Both have been confirmed by THIS:

The Assault/CQC chest, And the FJ/Para shoulders.

*If newer armor gets confirmed, and I like it, I'll wear it. :3
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All I care about is my Marathon Symbol for the emblem. It better be in the full version of the game as it was not in the Beta. :angry


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I will probably wear cqb or cqc helmet I can't remember what its called and uh I forget what I had on da beta but that and ill be black which is gray ill have a thor without the anvil and a blunt diamond background really ill wear kool armour I don't care its reach!

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Well because of the preorder and Legendary bonuses I will probably sport my Recon helmet with flames (if you can combine the two).

If not its ODST all the way, depending on the other new helmets.


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Eod all the way. Have you seen that thing? It is as sick as ever, totally getting it when it comes out.


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My Spartan will keep my original design and color scheme of primary purple, secondary green. As for the armor I'm still undecided.

Spartan 037

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yeah those are FF voices. I just hope that the cortana one is actually her in your head, like commenting and making little humorous remarks. then i can where Mk. V[A] and pretend i'm the chief :)