What's everyone's thoughts on the Moa Burger Pringles?


The Moa Burger Pringles have been on the shelves of Walmart for a few days now. I am interested in sharing my opinion and hearing the opinions of others about how Pringle has frankensteined this fictional flavor.

My first taste had a subtle, salty cheese flavor hinting towards a cheeseburger. Then, a beef ramen packet crept out of hiding and created a lingering aftertaste. It certainly isn't a good flavor, but once the salt and fats trigger my appetite, I find myself going back for more. Once I am able to put them down, I don't see myself picking them back up too often. I say this is after eating over a can of them in one day. Upon a google search, I find that the flavor is based on beef and ginger. If the Pringle chemists were tasked with putting an ostrich burger into a Pringle chip, I would be significantly more satisfied.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being an unspeakable flavor, 10 being a gift from the heavens and 5 being average) I give it a 4. They're certainly not sour cream and onion Pringles, but they aren't quite an abomination from hell (at least, not to me). Saving a can just to have as an artifact or decoration may seem strange, but based on the flavor trapped inside, it might be best that it remained unopened.


I haven't had pringles in so long and I randomly saw the ad for them the other day and love the name... from your review they sound addicting but not necessarily good lmao... Ill have to pick some up, reviewing stuff is part of the fun :p