Whats happening with the New Zealand Regiment

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I ask this as one of the New Zealanders here, considering that it seems to exist as a title only.

As far as I can tell, it currently has no members - even though there are at least two of us here
(you know who you are), and there may be more - and has no content related to it other than an empty regiment area, which is probably a reflection of it's state more than anything else, but the point still stands. It's barren, unused, and strikes me as either a placeholder or something that never got fully realised.

So, what are the plans for it? Members, logos, anything else?
Or is it being left to gather dust (so to speak)?


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As I'm aware, there simply isn't enough momentum within the New Zealand area to sustain a Regiment. The same happened with the UK (Excalibur) regiment, which was created out of a demand for a Regiment covering that area - and ultimately had to be dissolved due to a lack of activity in that groups.

I would recommend trying to scrub up support and activity for the group, if you're interested in sustaining a viable New Zealand regiment.


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Hello blackout11c ! We had been in contact with one of the members local to you to get this up and running. We were provided with a few names and told that we would be getting more. Unfortunately that's the last I've heard. We created the area for you all to have a home and can add people immediately once we have forum names. If you would all like to please start posting here, I'd be happy to do so.

As with all of the other Regiments, you will be given some time to see if you can get up to the 25 member minimum for a Regiment so don't fear if you don't have that many just yet. The logo is also being worked on here at Division.

I'll add you to the Regiment now and then we'll hopefully build from there!

Edit: With the addition of yourself, you have 11 members in the Regiment. You all are absolutely free to start conversations within that Regiment and hopefully we can get you up to the minimum or at least a little closer and then run a little election to put someone in charge!
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