What's Your Undersuit?

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The 2nd entry in the hit series "What's your _____" is What's Your Undersuit?
Plenty of people are asking so throw a picture of your costume, what you used and link (please be sure to embed it in text so it does not fill the page) I'll make a sample to show it off!

clothing used:
Custom made? Y/N

Rock Lobbster

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Costume: Reach Spartan
clothing used: Lycra dive suit
Custom made? Nope, just a foam "ab wrap" to add details

Costume: ODST "Vaz"
clothing used: Black multicam BDU
Custom made? Negative, no modifications made, plenty of velcro and hooks for attaching armor pieces. Also use an undersuit harness (Separate thread for that) used to hold armor.


Zoogami Snowfox

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Costume: Halo 4 Multiplayer Spartan
Materials: Black Morphsuit with Grip Liner (White), Yoga Mats (Grey), and Eva Foam (Black) glued/sewn on.
Custom Made : Yes, however quite prone to wear and tear. Velcro and Clips wear used to attach armour pieces to the undersuit. Slid into it like putting on a long sleeved T-Shirt.




Costume: Halo 5 Agent Locke
Materials: Curtain Fabrics with 2mm Craft Foam for Padding. Zipped together to make 1 full body undersuit.
Custom Made: Yes, made from blurry reference pictures before the game released. Started by sketching up an undersuit concept design, which was then used as my main guide. Goal was to make a full undersuit however the way it was make heavily restricted movement.




Costume: Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter
Status: In Progress, but on hold while inbetween houses.

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