Whattype of visor do you use?

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Digital Demise

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I was wondering what the best type of visor is best to use for a Pep helmet.
I read the sticky from Adam That said where to get visors and other supplies but didn't know if the one linked to is the best.
So what I want to know is what visor do you use and where did you get it?
Does it really even matter, are they all the same?

Also what is the best way to mount a visor in your pep helm?

I appreciate any and all help.
I am currently on this step in building the helmet. What I am going to use is a sheet of hard plastic. I found it at Hobby Lobby by the Stain Glass window section for 2 bucks. It's clear and I have yet to find some gold tint for it. The sheet is big enough to do the Dual Layer Visor and I plan on attaching it with Hot Glue, and then maybe some plastic cement. If someone knows of Gold Tint, post a link. I went to an Auto parts store, but they didn't have Gold tint.

Edit: found answer: Visor Tint
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