When assembling you Pep Armor...

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Hot glue is used by some, but I find that inneficent partly because I usually end up burning myself. I use book cover binding glue. Better than elmers glue.
Is there a compromise between super and elmer's glue? i was thinking rubber cement? I plan on starting and finishing the cardstock part of my pep helmet tomorrow. I will ppost lots of pics.
Just fight through the pain.

Hot glue one of the best choices because it eliminates holding onto the paper for like two minutes while it drys.

Also your fingers wont be covered in glue for like a week because the hot glue just peels off along with your top layer of skin. :lol:
You can use latex gloves as a bit of an insulator when working with hot glue.... Just try an' not get it all over your fingers.
think i will use the hot glue. Just how do you know (right after printing) which is a mountain fold and which is a valley fold?!?!?! please help.
well elmers glue dries up when heated like if you get any on your fingers just rub your fingers together and they it dries and comes off
Buy heat resistant gloves! I hate hot glue. Use Krazy glue. it dries in seconds (or is it gorilla glue) either way make sure you have it right the first time. but seriously buy heat resistant gloves if you need to use hot glue because that **** hurts man. As a last resort id use and oven mitt. oh you could cut a pot holder to match your hand then tape it on. that way your probably not going to get burnt unless your unlucky and you have full hand mobility.
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