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Hey Spartans! Primer here. I thought that I would do a little update for my armor, since I'm almost complete. First, introductions just in case I end up using the 405th more.
My name is Ethan, and I'm 14. My family loves building things, and I, being the youngest, am the most inexperienced. BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP ME FROM BUILDING AN ENTIRE SUIT. The suit I am building is going to look like my spartan in Halo 5. I have some pictures here.
IMG_1117.JPG IMG_1118.JPG
This chest piece is the Wrath armor variant from Halo Reach. The arms however are E.V.A from Halo 5, so i did end up mixing armor types. I did this because a group called Impact Props had templates for everything except the chest and helmet, so everything but those are gonna be E.V.A. The Helmet will be a recruit type, and the chest is Wrath. I also have completed the legs, but I think I need them to be a better fit to me.
I feel like the EVA legs don't go with the bulkiness of my chest armor. But we'll see how it goes. I will be posting(or trying to post) here often for updates on the armor.

That's it. See you all around.

"Spartans don't die, they go M.I.A." - Spartan Carter-A259