where to buy an Halo armor cosplay costume in europe


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Where are you from? Which country.
Depends on what you want, you could always ask someone to make you armor, or buy one like Disguise one...

- Palmer


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hi, thank you for your answer.
i'm from italy, but here i don't know anyone that makes armor...is there in this forum someone that can make it?
thank you


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depends on what you want...I'm a little busy now, but by April, I'll have plenty of time for a build. what exactly are you wanting? I could potentially make/sell it to you.
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We have many European members, even one or two (or maybe more) from Italy. One is slowly finishing his Master Chief armor.
Don't remember his name, but I could suggest joining 405th European group on facebook, he posts there more frequently.

If you want to buy a factory-made costume, I recommend Disguise costumes.
Here is an example of Italian website where you could order one - Abbiamo trovato 25 articoli per "halo"

Also, what would you have in mind?

- Palmer