Where to cut for the air vents (not to breathe, just for looks)

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I'm almost done with my helmet then I remembered about the air vents and how they make any helmet look so much cooler. But I can't find any good reference pics, could someone show me where to cut on this picture? Also, what did you use for the vents, Conjugated PVC Pipe?

It's the lower cheek area of the helmet, I'd use black piping, you can get it cheap at the hardware store in small and long peices.
If you go to Home Depot, look in the plumbing section, they will have big rolls of ribbed piping. I bought what they call 1 inch bilge piping. A reassuring name, I know, but it works really well and looks good. It's like $2 for a foot. You just have to spray paint it black.
I used ribbed black wire cover you use to make your own wiring harnesses with, works great and it's already black. Look in the automotive section or wiring in any major store.
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