which style of Marines helmet?

which Marine helmet

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I'm assuming that it's some sort of "snow" armor for the marines. I can't wait to see more of it. Can we get some reference pictures appear in this thread?
Halo Wars by far. Those guys are BAD A**! I can try getting some pics after Christmas from my TV using my SLR.

briarsarmor said:
Halo 2 for me....that way you can make the ODST helmet off the same base.

I have to agree. I would love to see some ODST troopers out there. However, I would love to see all of us come together with our resources and knowledge for one complete uniform set form one series. Better to be good at one or two things than to do 100 things really crappy.
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i looked at some didnt find any but i'll keep looking for some but i'll keep the paintball mask in mind
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