which weapon

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if you can pull it off, i'd go for the spiker. or maybe even the shield "grenade".

if not, maybe you could try makin a RL.
i need more pics of the spiker and the RL....i have pics of the shield grenade that one might be ez to do
I think a carbine would be pretty cool. If you have enough money you could even buy a laser from http://www.wickedlasers.com. Some of those lasers are powerful enough to pop balloons and burn through plastic, and they come in green so that would be kinda cool to hook up to a carbine.
I have every intention of making a carbine myself, and I will put in one of those bright green visible beam lasers. We'll be getting in a bunch at work soon (www.laserdome.com), so I'll probably be able to get it for song... or at least a couple notes...

I also intend on wiring up a working trigger and game captured firing sounds to every one of my weapons...except the sword unfortunately...because there isn't enough room in the handle for a sound chip/speaker...

Link, I'd really love to see the spikers..
Hehehe I have modeled the Spiker and have it textuerd in 3ds max. I modeled it the first day that the sweedish scans were posted online of Halo 3. I also have modeled the MA5K for the Halo CE CMT map making team which I am now part of.

Pics will be at your request if needed.

I will post them here in a little bit =]. I gotta go somewhere right now though.

So I will get them up for you guys later.

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