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So I got home today, excited to work on my pepkura armor. So Ive built several pieces over. And over. And over again. All because no matter how I try to scale it with the scaling thread, it does not work for me. Each piece it seems is determined to have a different scale than any other piece.

Ive rebuilt the forearm 4 TIMES now, and its still either too big at the elbow, too small at the wrist, or its way too long plus the previous too. The bicep covers my elbow in the previous attempts.

The chest piece. The one that uses a million pieces of paper. Its too big. I tried modiying it, but now when i let my arms down it pushes the back out.

I have a really thick chest, long thin arms, long legs that dont know what shape they want to be, so all this is proving for some, rather, frustrating times.

So I got home today and starting trying to mod the pieces that were too large. The forearm didnt work out at all, and neither did the bicep. Or the crotch...and after that i kind of destroyed all of it and threw it in the garbage can.

So now, here I am. building the left thigh with a new scaling number. Its getting really old though.

On top of all of this, my hard drive in my laptop started clacking and its not starting up.

Something else you say ? Why not. I was just diagnosed with a disease called Myesthenia Gravis. Its secluded to my eyes though, thankfully. But essentially what it is, is a serious weakness of the muscle. Makes it hard to do much of anything. Especially cut paper armor out.

Does anyone have some tips on why the scaling might not be working ?

The scaling is really problematic for most people.

Since no one here is a 7'+ super-athlete, making it to size is full of trial and error. With the forearms, as long as the length and wrist are right you'll be able to pad the section that's too large to fit accordingly. You want the pepakura to be slightly too large if you're going to fiberglass it and shape it.

Your a-typical (or non-Spartan) proportioned body will be harder to fit, and you'll probably have to use regular paper and custom scale each set of pieces to a different value based off of your own measurements.

Also, this might get more response to it if it were in the Pepakura section.
you ar ea couple different sizez put together. i have had to make 5 different shins, and i still dont have one that fits(i moved on)
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