Who all is in south east/coastal Texas?

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Im looking for people that live in the Houston/Galveston area that might want to have get togethers and prop parties. I live in Brazoria County about 45min south of Houston. Not just Halo stuff but any costuming and proping.

I know Adam has a central Texas group but thats a bit far for me to drive for smaller events like midnight releases. 6 hr round trip makes it to where id have to take two days off from work to make it to most events.

So just post or message me if you are interested in forming a Coastal Texas regiment.

P.S. If i have missed something and there already is one please point me toward it. I dont mind not having one it just means I will have to be the "Coastal Spartan". A pretty cool name but a lonely post to man.


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Sitting here by the coast in corpus Christi , oh captain my captain. Crimmson reporting as ordered.
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