Who are you in the fight?


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Well, not everyone watches RvB. I personally dislike it, so I didn't know what you were referring to.
But, what would that mean? The question was what would you be in Halo universe... referring to Caboose, so you would want to be Caboose or what? Kinda doesn't fit as RvB aren't part of Halo universe.
it kinda is. in the first episode they talk about chief and the unsc is talked about many times. it might not be canon but i say it is part of the universe. but thats only my opinion.


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Special use Pilot. Nothing I can't fly, or figure out on the fly.

But I'm also a marksman.... Hmmm

So, pilot, but my service weapon would be a BR or DMR. Or, you know, a Covvie Carbine. I love those things.



I'd be the pilot with the reputation for using crazy flying techniques. Whether its a good rep or a bad rep is up to you, :p. Maybe a test pilot for R & D. I do love any type of experimental tech, especially when it comes to aircraft. Pair that up with my flying ability, and I can test various limitations of the plane, on or off the field (if need be)

The idea for this comes from when I used to play online Ace Combat. I was known for being able to dodge things, even to the extent to where I have been told to 'Stay still! I can't hit you!'


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I would be ONI.

I'd tell you which section, but then I'd have to kill you...

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Pelican Pilot 100%. And not the stupid looking slimmed down D-78s or 79s with the ridiculously articulate and inefficient wings (totally not bitter, lol). I would fly the D-77H TCI from Halo 3.