who rembers battle bots?

battle bots yea or nay

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i seen it when it was on comedy channel.....dont know why it was there but i guess they were making fun of the smart people
I was heavily into the show.... I bought the R/C verions that they made as toys, built my own Battlebot, wanted to start a local robot fighting league, etc.

But then it became a punchline for Jon Stewart, and quickly lost public interest. It had it's 15 secs of fame, and dryed up pretty quick. No one else I knew was into it.... I couldn't start a league without others who were fanatical about it also... so I moved on.

And yeah Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters were in the semifinals on season 2, but they lost, if I remember correctly... Grant Imihara from Mythbusters also had a semifinalist robot... MouserMechaCatbot... which he occasionally puts to use on the Mythbusters.

There were some AMAZING bots in there. One of the best builders on that show was a guy named Mark Setrakian.... who made these robots that were just total works of art. They didn't fight very well, but they were beautiful and mean looking. That guy inspired me.

You can see some of his work here:


They still hold Robot Wars competitions I think, but it'll never be as popular as it was when Comedy Central aired it.
yea i rember those bots they usualy lost but looked realy cool doing it . yea it sux it went off the iar cuz it was prety nifty watching lil rc robots beat the living hell out of eachother
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