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    As most of you know, there is a thread in this forum for you to post issues you are having with the site:


    This is your first line of contact to get an issue resolved.

    If you or someone you know is having an issue with posting, certainly someone can post in the above noted thread on their behalf and we'll look in to this. Most often this is due to not responding to the confirmation email when you first register. Sometimes they go to spam mail boxes and once in awhile, for some mysterious reason, they don't seem to receive it.

    The other option is to PM me directly. I'd very much prefer that you post in the above thread, but I do understand that sometimes you'd rather take a less public route, or in the case of not being able to post at all, you simply just can't post in this thread.

    Issues with respect to the archives should be posted in the above noted thread as well so that we can all see. This reduces the number of PM's reporting the same issue as well as allows all involved to see all of the issues with respect to the archive. If you're having an issue with the archive, chances are someone else will to so please post in the thread.

    If you're having issues with a person here on the forum, please use the "report post" feature that you will see is under each post. This report is sent to a storage area here on the site that all of the Division Command can see and we will read and if necessary, deal with the reported post. In some cases we will also respond to you to follow up or ask for more information. Sending one of us a PM is less desireable as it's best for us to have the link right to the post and the attached thread. It makes it more difficult for us to follow up on, so please use the "report post" feature.

    If you're having issues outside of the forum (ie issues with another member etc.), please contact your Regiment CO, XO or MO for assistance. If for some reason you cannot bring it to their attention, you can again PM me directly. Please however let me know in that message why you are unable to speak to the CO XO Or MO.

    Any questions or concerns about this, let me know! Thank you in advance for following this line of communication for issues.

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    I'm bumping this topic to the top once again as I'm hearing several complaints of people who contacted someone and are still waiting for a response. Please ensure that you're contacting the correct person. If for some reason it is confusing to figure out who the right person is, it would be very helpful to know that so it can be rectified and made more clear.

    If you know who it is you need to be contacting, and have done so but haven't received a response in a timely manner, please message me. While I ask you to have some patience in waiting for a response from the appropriate person, you certainly do not need to wait long term for an answer. If it's your CO that you are contacting, I would suggest including your XO in the message as well so that if one is away, the other can potentially assist. The Command Staff here at any level are not expected to be on all the time or even every day, so please allow at least a few days, unless your matter is of some time sensitive urgency.

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