Why are there no Brute pepakura files


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I've been in dire search for halo 3 Brute pepakura files and have found none.. are there any out there?! Hello!!!!!! Are you there? Ha, guess not. Ok, so I've been really wanting the Brute stalker helmet, but there is a pep file for the elite head which I need as well but can't find.. HELP! Is there a way to make a file in pepakura create a brute pep armor in pepakura? Does any one know!

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Hey MFS!

Unfortunately Pepakura is not a program that can be used to create custom armor pieces. As far as I am aware, no files for the Brute Stalker helmet exist.

As for the Elite, do you recall what the file was titled? And are you after a full elite head, or just the helmet they wear?


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Asditionally, as the 405th is an all Volunteer organization, we rely on the support and kindness of our Members to volunteer their time in extracting, creating, and unfolding files for use for our Members. There are several members out there who are kind enough to take "requests" for their next file creation and extraction project. If you can get in touch with one of these members they might be able to assist you in getting some Brute files.