why cant i post?

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why cant i post in the creation discussion? it says im not allowed to or something and i have done it b4
thats good cause then we dont have people cluttering the forums with i would show you but i dont have the pics threads.
Durlaburban said:
do we look like we have 50 posts?

woot im getting closer and closer and now that its fifty ill just reply alot (y)
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we all nooobs hahaha so we cant post until we rank up and get more posts and i dont plan on getting mine like this just explaining
I think 5 would be enough. Most people join, realize they have no hope to complete it before haloween after posting a topic and leave. Or get complaints about not searching and get the point.
beleive it or not some of us vets. in the forum check up on this place to help out more with out the others getting overly annoyed with people who "want a fast fix" for problems.
There is nothing wrong with being a noob, or asking questions but please keep them in the noob area that way the forum can continue to grow without being overwelmed with repeat questions.

I promise that I will guide you through this as I am infront of a computer for 12hrs a day 5 days a week, with this forum open in the backround. I don't mind helping cause it gives me something else to do at work.
I guess it's a bit of a filter to actually get rid of the people who aren't committed.

Anywhoo, trying to get up my post count here
its probably for the better. this way we can keep teh information clean, and to the point. people wont be starting topics lik, i need a pep tut with lots of detail, or what do i do after folding.
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