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Hey guys. As you can all see, the 405th is now a completely different website! Does anybody know why it was changed? Is it temporary or permanent (I would assume permanent, or else why do it) I'm finding this new interface rather strange, and I feel like the old one looked and worked better. Now obviously my opinion about the website doesn't really matter, and with time I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I guess what I'm wondering is why fix something that isn't broken?
It is a little weird and disorienting I agree. But I also think it looks good :) As for why, Maybe they thought it was time to change? They may have swapped Domains (Is not a computer person and that may not be the right term) or something? Also the site may be under new management? *shrugs*
Hey there, StayFrosty , check out this thread as Art goes into a bit more detail as to why we're using a new site:

While it will take some time getting used to, please be patient with site staff as changes are being put into effect. ;)
From what I can tell, the layout is still the same as before, just with a different format and colour scheme of sorts.
well, my friend, the OLD one was a bit slow, and had a few issues. I DO however like the old colors...the dark Grey, with light blue. good color combo. I have hope for this new site, it's really great that the staff put all their hard work towards this new site, and a job well done.

just realize that the staff did this for us. It's really cool that they did it.

also, Art said there's more to come, Including the lost archive (Didact did it!:lol:) and I'll trust that that's the case. that being said, I'm as giddy as I was when getting my first car (even if my car did end up being junk;)) and can't wait for more to come!
Yeah the new site does seem a bit smoother, I just miss how everything on it looked like it was made for the 405th. Now everything looks like any old forum. I do hope they bring back the old regiment badges, I really liked the look of them. I wonder if the new site had anything to do with mobile optimization?
... well the new site at least doesn't have any problems login in like the old one did (for me at least). I kinda miss the nice Regiment Badges too compared to the slightly bland "banner" underneath the name, but other than that I've the impression the stuff works smoother compared to the previous design.

It would seem the "upload file" doesn't have any type-filter-restrictions anymore like the previous site did, but it also seems that's the only way to include a picture or whatever from your own local machine, as the "image" button only allows URL-based coupling. Don't really like that though I understand the reasons behind it. A downside to this is what I see on so many Fora : you get this really interesting article "showing" you how to do X or where to be careful about Y, but the images are replaced by large "X"'s as the validity of the URL was lost years ago.

Overall, I do share StayFrosty's notion about the somewhat bland look of this site now. Not sure if it fits into the "we want to have a more serious profile" politics 405th is going for, a restriction of the used platform or if this is just the first page of the new chapter and we'll see some new-old-refurbished stuff returning after some time. :)

Never liked the pretty harsh black/white layout though, it's less than friendly on the eyes, and it's like a lot of screen space is lost doing nothing at all. And I admit, i'll never be a fan of the urgency to go for a flat design. Personal taste and all that, but the more business-looking style kinda collides with the notion that in the end, we're here to have fun, no ? The old design stood out. It was unmistakable 405th. This design, atm, has the same "uniqueness" as grey cars have to me : they -all look the same-, they have 4 wheels and they drive you from point A to point B. Again personally, it feels like more was lost than there was gained. Yes yes I know Microsoft and Apple have been pushing the same layout. Then again, a lot of people keep using Windows 7 because "it really looks better" (I agree in spite of begin a Win10/OSX user) so it's not because Redmond and Cuppertino say it's good that it really is good. :D

Anyway : those that were responsible for this change : I appreciate the job and I hope you'll have some new stuff for us in store too.
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Guys....I'm just going to lock this thread so we can have this conversation over in the thread (linked to previously above) that Art started just to keep it all in one place. Thanks!
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