why we love video games/ are addicted

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i just had a thought and no post like " no its cus there awesome"

ok i agree video games are fun, but i think the real reason we play well there's two of em

#1 we can be anything we want to be with no ties to are real lives and probelms in them. which lead me to my secound point

#2 we get to exercise are anger, hate and aggrestion in a non-leathal way. like today i had a terribal day first woke up with a pull muscle in my neck, my dentist yell at me for 10 minute about my teeth. when i got home all i wanted to do was play halo 3 and snipe like a mofo. ( which i cant cus MS suck and sent my broken xbox back 2 time allready)
and then it hit me.

im a just taking to much meds for my neck or am i on to something?

AND YES! Video Games ARE AWESOME! (happy?)

thanks for reading
I can do crap I cant in real life because

a. I'm not old enough to be in the army, so I cant really go out and save the day and kill terrorist.
b. I can in video games because I wont actually be harmed.
c. I cant drive above the speed limit in real life
d. I can in games because the cops are fake
e. I cant have super powers that make me have lighting refelxs in real life
f. I can in stranglehold because I'm Asian in the game.
g. I cant shoot lasers from my hands
h. I can in video games
i. I cant shoot my guns like i have infinite ammo in real life (i dont own any guns though...)
j. I can in a video game cause i'll respawn with a full clip of ammo

My list of different games/reasons.
They allow us to excirise our wildest kid like dreams without harming anyone. When we play games we become the hero we wanted to be all along.

Its also a hella lot of fun :D
Look at it this way, all animals have basic needs--food, shelter, reproduction etc. Even built into the human brain are these basic needs. Now to achieve these needs in a primitive sense, one must fight, kill, steal, cheat, rape, etc for survival. Its built into our brains (the old brain). You may think "I don't ever get those urges.", well you do. Your new part of your brain has learned however whats acceptable, and how to deal with those urges in the modern day. I believe in a survival sense were wired to feel great about killing, cheating, etc because that usually meant survival. Nowadays you obviously don't have to do those kinds of things to survive, but the feeling you get from doing it (winning...surviving) is still there, and video games capture that perfectly. And anything that makes you "feel great" can become addicting. examples: food, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

Thats just my 2 cents.
gamerguy55 said:
In a video game we can be anything we would like and can do any thing without concequences(sp.).

I second that!

Friendly said:
Lucky you. I have to write stories where i have superpowers. And even then i get beaten up.
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I play video games because I got a Sega Genesis when I was like, two or three. It's all that gameful parenting, that's what did it.
I can defend the world, be a super hero, use guns, slow time, fly, toss grenades, yell in a russian voice, and still have time for life..thats why I like video games.
Whether we know it or not Videogames have influenced us in the social media society as being one of the most imaginative countries in the world, I LOVE VG's and will continue to play them until my hands fall off or until "PS9" comes out LOL!!!

gamer chicks rock!!!
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