Props (WIP) Halo Reach Energy Sword Build


Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've attempted any Halo props or projects. My only successful one being a M6 cast from Justin Branfuhr, which turned out excellent for the first kit I've ever done. I've been working on a lot of other smaller projects here and there, mostly airsoft repaints, metal work, furniture among other things, so I decided I want to give Halo another go. I've always wanted to do an energy sword, so the other night I started work on one.

I didn't photo document the whole process, but I do have a couple pics.


Using this image of a Halo Reach energy sword, I blew it up using Block Posters to get it to a more realistic size. The Halo Wiki states that the Energy Sword is about 4 feet in length. my build is about 3 feet and 7 inches long, just slightly smaller. But the thing is still massive.

I highlighted the outer edge with sharpie and cut out the top blade. As the sword is symmetrical, using only one blade for both sides is ideal and saves resources. Using some spray glue, I applied the paper templates onto a sheet of 1/4 inch thick 1.5x3 foot copolymer plastic, but since the blade is so long, I had to divide the blade into two pieces. Once I cut out the pieces on a bandsaw, I riveted them together using a piece of scrap plastic. I took the template and traced it over to a sheet of 3/8 inch acrylic sheeting, then cut it out. The extra stump piece is going to be cut or ground down eventually when I make the hilt.


As you can see, these blades are rather large. The original plan was to use 2 sheets of cut acrylic per blade to get the shape and rigidity right, but it looks like it would be easier to make a mold and vacuform it instead.

Working on it tonight a little as well, I'll have more pics and progress up later.


Thanks man! Definitely planning the lights! Probably going to retrofit this light kit used for Sean Bradley's swords. Maybe not sound at the moment, as this thing is way too large to be used as a cosplay prop, more likely just display. I just made the hilt template and can barely hold it in one hand. With as flat as it is, it's going to be impossible to hold once it's been molded in 3D. I'll think about sound once I scale it to a more manageable proportion.


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Digging the blade size. This can turn out quite amazing. Curious to see how you succeed!


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Move your palm to grip forward on the hilt. That front notch is a comfortable point for humans to hold the large hilt. Was meant for alien hands, after all, lol


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Looking good! cant wait to see that finished product. Don't suppose you'd be up to make some for sale? haha


Hey I'd like to apologize, I ended up getting sick for the first time literally in years. Spent the the weekend and the last few days away from work basically quarantined in my room, so I do apologize for not keeping my word and uploading that night.

foxleader, digging the Game Theory reference!

Minishdude1, the thought crossed my mind, but really I don't think of my work as marketable, if it turns out decently I may do a run.

thatdecade, here's the hilt pattern, you are absolutely correct, it is built for alien hands not an average 5'10 male. No humans aside from Spartans and maybe the largest NBA players could grip this thing once it's been sculpted.

image (7).jpeg

The hilt is massive, and as a simple 1/4 plastic template, I can barely hold it. Once this is finished, it will not be a cosplay piece but more of a wall decoration. It needs the edges sanded as there is a bit of crud left over from the bandsaw, but that's an easy step.

Here I have the templates and Justin Branfuhr's M6 cast laid out for size comparison. While the sword may not look as big as I keep making it out to be, for those of you who have or have seen one of Justinian117's M6 magnums, it is a rather large prop. I apologize for the blurry images.

Vanity shot of the sword because I had it in my gallery.
photo (1).JPG

The next step once all the pieces are sanded is to lay them out, trace the edges and sculpt out the molds. I actually am not sure how I am going to go about it though, most of my molding work is done using CNC ready foam and plaster, so I am going to attempt that first, just to see how it turns out. other than the hilt, the blades aren't that complex of a shape to work with so the plaster and foam should work out.

Thanks again for everyone supporting the build!


Hey no worries any information helps! I'll post my current observations and questions about the energy sword in general there.

Edit: you're the builder who did all the electronic work for Sean Bradley's sword correct?


Alright, I apologize for the lack of updates, but I'm back into the swing of things.

It's kinda like quests in an RPG. The sword is the main quest, but I've been so bogged down doing the quicker and funner side quests that I've completely ignored the main bit of story driven fun. So anyway I am working on the sword and have updates.

I've traced the two halves of the blade onto my mold base, and have added the detail lines where the middle raised section will go on one half of the mold. I've also cut out 6x6x1 inch pieces of CNC foam to use as the base for the blade's tallest section, as well as a beginning point for where I'm going to make the 'sharp' parts of the blades out of plaster.

I guess my question now is, is 2 inches at the blade's widest too wide? Should I cut it down to 1.5 inches instead?






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This is looking awesome! My sword is made out of poplar wood and sanded down, the paint job is good for what it is but eventually I'd like to vacuform it and try again so I can really nail that transparency factor. It is nice and light for taking to conventions though!