Wiz Kids HaloClix Scarab

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Sean Bradley

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Up at b.net today:

WizKids Games is bringing a numbered-to-500 exclusive Battle Damaged Scarab to this week's San Diego Comic-Con. Each day, Wizkids will distribute tickets to interested consumers and then they'll draw tickets at the end of the day -- if your ticket is drawn, you've won the right to purchase the Scarab for $249.99. Because the Comic-Con Scarab is so huge (2 feet by 2 feet), folks who purchase it will receive a mini Scarab box and then the actual Scarab will be shipped directly to your house after Comic-Con (allow 4-6 weeks for shipping).

However, each day, one Scarab owner will get to take theirs home with them that day.

If you miss out on the Battle-Damaged Scarab, there will be a non-battle damaged one showing up at retail later this year. Here's three images of the WizKids Battle-Damaged Exclusive below.



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It's modeled after the Halo 3 Scarab.... thats what they said in this weeks podcast anyway.

Heres another pic:

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