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Won a pioneer helmet now i am here

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by kyle clement, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. kyle clement

    kyle clement New Member

    I won a pioneer helmet fro ma local squad and here I am lol. They are a great group of folks some of which I have known for a while and have me interested in joining them on deployments. What are some good armors that go with the pioneer helmet and does anyone have any pictures of completed ones to give me a good idea?
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  2. Lowcone494


    Im not really an expert with what looks good and such, with how rounded the Pioneer helmet is, id imagine that armors that have a more circular or rounded look to them would be a good match, so for instance the Venator would be a bit too angular and such to go well with it. Things like the H4 Recruit, Mark VI, and Recon might go good with it. Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Welcome aboard as well! always nice to see new spartans/other cosplayers on the scene!
  3. Bucs37DK


    Some of the best ways to visualize armor are within the games themselves. That being said Halo 5 has so many armor permutations that its hard to have any unlocked that you actually want to use. On Halo Waypoint there is an option to purchase a 3D printed Spartan. If you click the customize link and sign in with your Microsoft account it will take you to a visualizer where all armor is unlocked. I used it to visualize my Recluse armor and it works amazingly. Welcome to the party!
    3D Print Your Spartan
  4. kyle clement

    kyle clement New Member

    thanks bucs, checking that out now
  5. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    maybe the Anubis armor from H5

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