Wooden Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne *Finished*


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After falling in love with Bloodborne, it was certain that I will have to make one of the trick weapons from the game, so I decided to make the most iconic weapon form the game - the Saw Cleaver. I found a video on YouTube by epicfantasy on how to make one from foam, which gave me a lot of advice on how to make one, however I decided to take it a step further and use wood.

the first step was drawing the outline of the weapon on a sheet of wood and cutting it out. I found a pep file of the weapon online, and printed out half of it to make it as closely to the original as possible. I cut out the blade and the handle, and now I had to figure out how to join them together, while allowing the weapon to transform.


I seeked help online, and we figured out that the easiest and simplest way to do this is to cut out two more beginnings of the handle, and remove the top form the one I already had, that way the blade would smoothly slide in the hole. I connected the handles using screws. To connect the handle and the blade together I simply used a bolt screw along with a nut to keep it tight. When I loosen up the nut, I am able to swing the weapon open just like in the game, however it can also sometimes close on it own due to its weight, so I prefer to keep it tight, and switch between the transformations with my hands.


After I knew how to join the weapon together, it was time to paint it all. I used black acrylic paint to cover it all first, and then used the dry brushing method with silver acrylic to make it look like old metal. It was the first time I ever tried painting something like this, and I am really happy of the results.


After painting everything, it was time to cover it with a stripe of cloth , which I got by cutting an old white T-shirt. I tea stained the material, hoping it would give it an older look, similarly to how it does with paper, but it just made the material brown, which did not look any older, and made it more difficult to see the grey paint on it, which was supposed to make it look even more aged, but eventually it turned out quite alright. Here I am happy to present the final results of my first finished project, and my first project thread on this website.



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