Work in Progress with some visor problems...

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So my other topic sorta failed. >.>' I just gotta take this forum more seriously :p So I'm making another with a more...appropriate title :D

What makes this different than the other? PICTURES!


So here's the helmet so far, need to bondo one more specific spot and I am done with the Bondo phase...thank god.


So where do you think I should cut the visor?


Yes, It is Pepakura :D

Also, Web Straps and Straps you can seriously find them in a fabric store? (someone said that) If so, does anyone think Rag Shop (only fabric store I know) or any store would be best? Would Wal-Mart have something like that?

Anyone have any experience attaching Straps or Web Straps on the armor?

What I did with my visor today is crammed it into the helmet. Be careful to not scratch it though! Then take a sharpie and mark where you think itll have the most structural support when you screw/hot glue/resin/epoxy it in. Then I just used a plastic cutting blade and took a ruler and just kept scoring it like pepekura till it just bent and popped off with a nice clean edge.

BTW has anyone else noticed how much nicer all these recent pepekura helmets have been looking ? I think the bondo and glazing has really caught on.

I really like the helmet! Keep it up.
Or you could try taking a piece of paper and put it in the spot where the visor will go and mark it... The make sure it's symetrical and leave an extra 2cm around your draw out shape when you cut it... So you have room to make adjustments where needed when you try to fit it in... :\

Hope that made sense... :\
Where can I get a pretty cheap visor? I can't really buy one online, so i have to go buy one the old fashioned way. :cautious:
I have +30$ Can. Any suggestions?
If you are canadian , you can go to your nearest Motocycle shop OR Canadian Tire.

IF your are from Québec, just go to Rona, Home Depot, Canadian tire, or something else :p
Oh, ok. Thanks.
I'll head out to Canadian Tire tomorrow and look for one.
(Don't know any Cycle shops around ._.")
You can see for Yamaha Shop Center, I think you have most of it in the canada because, in the quebec, we have just like 5 of this shop
Squeeze the visor in from the inside, through the neck hole. The place it where you want it, and trace the outline of the helmet visor opening onto the visor with a crayon. Remove the visor and then trim 1/4 away from the line to give yourself some room to glue it in..
first of all, either leave the protective film on the visor (if it comes with film on it, most do) if not tape it up, use some blue painters tape and tape the visor up so you wont scratch it. then cut the top and bottom off a 2 liter bottle and cut it to the same shape as the visor. put the bottle plastic visor in the helmet and mark it where you want to cut, take the plastic out and cut it to shape. then transfer that shape onto your good visor.

ittakes a bit longer, but saves you from scratching your good visor.
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