working/rotating halo 3 detached turret (EVA foam)

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    so I have been wanting to make my spartan look even more awesome, but I don't want to make my end game splaser just yet, so I want for an easier project and decided to make it not so easy any more and make the barrel spin.
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    So here we go. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures. I love to get right into it and get it done, and I forget about everything else, so here's what I did do. I started with using pretzels templates and pepakura files(I love you pretzel!). I cut out and contact cemented the bulk of the body.
    Then I moved on to the rear of the turret.
    The files were incomplete I found and the curved piece here is supposed to have little raised rectangles in between each piece, so after cutting out the four pieces, I cut the paper template in half down the middle line and used that as my dividing pieces.
    I moved on to the front shield pieces and the piece that holds the barrels together. I used my beltsander to remove the textured side on all 5 pieces(best birthday present ever).
    glued it all together and made it look pretty. I also lightly beveled/scored the back of the shields to glue them and have that slightly curved effect.
    I used the heatgun to bend some 1/2 inch pvc into shape for the rear handle,
    Then secured that in place by cutting out holes slightly smaller than the pvc, so it is friction fitted AND glued into place.

    Ran up to lowes and picked up some thin walled, light weight 1" pvc, and because it came in a 10 foot pole for around $2.65, I t was very convenient. I cut it into 3 40" poles.
    I contact cemented the next pieces together, removed and removed the texture. for the three cone pieces, I sanded the tips that funnel into the pvc very close to the surface, almost paper thin, to gat a good clean look.
    friction fitted and glued to the pvc pipe, and it is locked together.
    here is a front view,
    and back.
    I am not gluing the back handle piece to the rest of the gun yet. I am going to Velcro it down so that I can remove it whenever I need to get inside, whether it be maintenance or to charge the screwdriver that is going to make the barrels spin. I am hopefully going to finish this next weekend when my lazy susan bearings come in.
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    I hope the EVA core body works out for you, not sure how well it will hold up to all that weight hanging off the front end. Looks great so far though, always love seeing more spinning turrets out in the field =)
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    so I have tested it(kindof, as much as you can without contact cementing it on) and the weight wasn't that bad. it actually was pretty good since I got the thin walled pvc. that really lightened up the load, and if I do decide to make a supportive cage(I don't think ill have to) that will help on the interior side for support.
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    also, how do I remove the second post? the pictures wont go away and they are too big, repeated off of the main post, and some of them repeat. they are also out of order.
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    An admin can delete posts, us users don't get permission to delete, only edit.
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    Thanks for the information. I guess I just have to wait. :I

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