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I got an request from my sister if i have or did know, where to get a grenade. I thought that sounded a little ODD coming from her so i asked a little more and it turned out she wanted to give her boyfriend the Mohawk grenade. She had planned on getting a toy grenade and paint it gold and give him.

I told her that i could make a much nicer one for her.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i have building it...Next year im going to make my own and make it more accurate and nicer :) :thumbsup

Btw: Here are Mr T commercial for the Night elf mohawk grenade


Building the grenade:

First i though of making it out of super sculpey but then i thought of Pepakura. So i started making a 3d model of the grenade and unfolded it in pepakura designer.

The first papermodel that i built was too big because i had read the measurement wrong.

The third or forth one was the perfect size.

So i built it and cut a square hole in the top then i pored a little Polyurethane resin into it and slushed it around until it had harden. Then i pored a tiny bit more into it and used tape to seal the hole at the top and turned the whole thing upside down.

When it had dried i peeled away the paper and there was the grenade :)

I used an Xacto blade to cut the "damage" into it and used bondo to connect the resin dome part which i had also used pepakura to make.

Grenade primed and testing size for handle, and feathers. The white one are from my sisters cockatoo's and the a friends peacock.

Handle made from styrene and bondo.

Test fitting

Big ring made from layered styrene and small rings cut from a plastic pipe.

Big leap forward....Painted.. Copper for the grenade part, mattblack for the handle.

Photo shoot..

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I've never played WoW, but I do want one of those grenades!

Great job on the build dude! You should send one out the the game's company. You might get something cool!

Wow, if you really wanted to you could mold that puppy and sell off a few

casts. I'm sure you could find a couple people interested in buying one.

The craftsmanship on it is really really nice, especially for being so

simple. Kudos to you!