Would it be wrong to...

would it be wrong of me to build the suit and decal it with different emblems?

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Odd Spartan

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I'm looking into making a few sets of armor, using various components from the Haloverse, I also am looking into setting them up to wear decals from different titles, such as Resident Evil, Aliens and the like.

So my question is this, would it be wrong of me to build the suit and decal it with different franchise emblems?

Place your votes and tell me why your answered as such! Always looking for advice!


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It is your armor, you can do as you see fit with it, but you can take into consideration what you ultimately intend to do with your armor.

If it's just a fun personal mash up project for conventions, then tje sky is the limit, in good taste. (Nothing offensive or mean spirited.)

Do you want to be active with your local 405th Regiment, do MicroSoft events, Halo events, and charity events? Then you might want to plan on your armor being primarily Halo, with any extra add ons being purely cosmetic. If you are going to be representing the Halo Franchise in any capacity, then it is just a good idea to make sure that your armor, well, primarily represents Halo first and any other franchise second. Otherwise it might seems little disrespectful to some people to the opportunity to officially partner with Microsoft and 343i and to be "pushing" another franchise/game/genre.

If you do want to be active with the 405th and your local regiment and want to take it one step further and Apply for the 405th's optional Deployment Program, which recognizes completed build with a high level of construction and accuracy, then Mash Ups are allowed for basic Deployment, but only if the additions to the costume are cosmetic in nature and a complete Halo costume is the base of the build.

Odd Spartan

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Yeah, the armor is going to be primarily Halo based, it would be just the cosmetic little bits like an emblem here and there from different franchises (I.E. umbrella corporation emblems on the shoulders and chest piece or Weyland-Yutani emblems in similar places, things like that).

It was a thought that I have had for quite a while and I've yet to build my very first suit of armor.

The deployment program? It would be interesting to do, but I don't want to jump into anything like that right away until I KNOW that I can make a suit of armor that would basically gain the approval of everyone else, seeing as it WOULD be represented in official events involving Microsoft, 343 etc.