Wow,it's Been A Long Time.

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mc halo3

Well-Known Member,it's been way too long,I'm sorry i'm being a complete ass,many of you may know me as mjolnir follower hencer username or over-ambitious.I just got my laptop back and back into armor buisness.3 months away from 405th has broke me in so many ways,i miss this community and if you will-let me back into the 405th once again,I know alot of you are thinking "WTF,don't come back in here you dead space schematic lying crook"-yes i have schmatics,no theyre not entirely complete.So yeah,good to be back,I had my laptop back in january 28 but i was really really depressed and felt crappy but i feel better again,i know this is ALOT to ask but uhh...can you de-brief me on the last 3 months-help would be appreciated.

PS.i didnt suffer another injury.YAY.

Hey, welcome back.

Today's actually the first day I logged on (to actually see whats happening.) in awhile too.
Welcome back to 405th sorry that your laptop broke the same thing happened to me and guess what i didnt get mine back for a whole year! talk about a wait but luckyly i can carry on becuase of the home PC (family PC)!

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