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ok first did you get the premium software for the pep designer? if not some features wont let you do scale or change things with the model.. are the models in pdo? and are you trying to make them full size? or something cause your question to me is very vague... can you elaborate?

edit: ok ok so its not your end aparently the original owner of the file has password protected it so pep designer will not open the file. you will need to email or contact the file owner for the password. tell him the file has a password if he says its the pep program tell him you have the full version paid program and the file is password protected and will not open the file without the password. then he may understand.
yes I do have the full pepakura, I had to buy it for $38. The file I think is locked when I try to open it. Can you open the files to the link I posted. Im trying to resize it cause it's way to small lol. Needs to be way bigger.
world? I tried it but it bumps me to pep viewer and you can't resize it there. why world if you don't mind me asking?
I was just looking at your link and the author said it was an old password. I was not at my Pep computer or I would have checked before answering. Sorry for that.

I researched some more and the author is a bit of an jerk. He wrote...

Barbarian said...The viewer never asks for a password, it's free... only Pepakura Designer asks for a pass during install (that means you must buy the software of course), and if you try to edit a protected file. Did your Viewer asked for a password? :S

March 14, 2009 4:25 AM"

meaning you can use it but not edit it in any way. I would suggest either build your own or get someone to. If I can free up some time, I'll try
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Just an FYI, from what I've seen of those models (haven't gone through all of them yet) they're just textured game rips... maybe with some editing. So if you've got WoW and the WoW model viewer you can make your own pep files without any major drama, takes maybe five mins to pull it and have it ready for unfolding :)
ah it been years since I've played and I've never done something like that before. If anyone could help me with this I would love you forever lol. This is for my little brother for his bday next week. If not I thank you all for your help.
barbarian is wrong i have checked the file it is locked. needs a password to open. i have the password for the pep designer but not the pdo file. so why does it ask for a password its because it has a password on the file.. its like a rar file with a password.. you cant access the information untill you input the password. but you own the full paid software.. you still need a password.. i already emailed the guy... no response yet.
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