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my cousin was going to buy a new xbox 360 because his always freezes up on some games,(his is older like a month after it came out) and is wondering if the newer 1s freeze up also, and dose any 1 have freezing problems on there older xboxes also
it freezes up because it gets too hot. Put a fan near the system and make sure the power cord is somewhere cool too. DO NOT BUY THAT FAN ATTACHMENT FOR THE SYSTEM. I hear it brakes many-a system.
I am working on what I call a "Cooling box unit for the microsoft X-box 360." Basically a fridge you throw your x-box in when playing.

I should think of a better name...

I have my 360 set up on those feet pads you put on chair legs and what not to make sure there is plenty of air circulation around the unit. And its sitting on wood, not carpet. And Ive owned mine for about 6 months now....
The new 360's have a larger heatsink on the CPU cooling unit... mines never frozen up, even once.

But it was an exchange for an older one that died.
I have had a few issues.

Ive had quake 4 freeze on me a few times during loading, and I've also had some graphic artifacting on Forza 2. Other than that, no problems at all. I do need to get some wireless controllers though and a wireless kit =/
Very simpel.
Xbox gets to hot it freezes like a pc.
Just send it back to MS and you get a new heatsink *here in europe i do not know how it is in the us etc.* and then your problem is fixed.
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